Buy Black Friday

Buy Black Friday is Black Men Read supporting black owned businesses with our dollars and our platform.

Economic empowerment

By supporting Black-owned businesses, you are helping to promote economic empowerment in the Black community. It can lead to increased wealth and job creation, which can help to close the wealth gap and create opportunities for economic mobility.

Increased diversity and representation

Supporting Black-owned businesses can help to increase diversity and representation in the business world. It can also help to break down stereotypes and biases, and promote inclusivity in the broader community.

Social impact

By supporting Black-owned businesses, you are contributing to the social impact of your community. These businesses often give back to their communities through job creation, community development initiatives, and supporting local causes.

Quality products and services

Black-owned businesses often offer unique and high-quality products and services that may not be found elsewhere. By supporting these businesses, you can discover new and innovative products that align with your values.

Building relationships

By supporting Black-owned businesses every Friday, you can build relationships with local business owners and connect with your community in a meaningful way. You can also learn about the challenges and opportunities facing these businesses and find ways to support them beyond just one day a week.

Cooking with Love

Black Men read cooks for organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and Boys Homes


Providing nourishment
Supporting a good cause

Supporting a good cause: Organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and boys homes provide essential services to those in need. By cooking for them, you are supporting a good cause and helping to make a positive impact in your community.

Building connections

Building connections: Cooking for these organizations can provide an opportunity to build connections with the people you are serving, as well as the staff and volunteers who work there. This can help to create a sense of community and make you feel more connected to those around you.


Teaching valuable skills

Developing cooking skills: Cooking for a large group of people can be a great way to develop your cooking skills and learn new recipes. It can also be a fun and rewarding way to experiment with new ingredients and cooking techniques.


Making a meaningful contribution

Giving back to the community: Cooking for organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and boys homes is a meaningful way to give back to your community. By sharing your time and talents, you can make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to the greater good.